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With the rapid development of economy ,higher quality products and improvements in product performance are demanded , toothpaste ’s use value is not limited to mouth cleaning ,it ‘s expected to care for gums, mouth, throat and overall oral hygiene , which raise new requirement of CMC. CMC is the most commonly used binder in toothpaste. 
Our Toothpaste grade CMC  provide functional performance: has excellent water binding properties and a rich, thick mouthfeel; To fine-tune the rheological properties of a formula, our products can be combined to improve shelf-life, gloss or stripe definition; By utilizing the strengths of these binders, toothpastes can be developed with the stability, appearance, and rheology required; good compatibility, can be mixed with various ingredients of toothpaste ;achieve functionality at very low use levels, supporting an attractive cost-in-use position.

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