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Instant CMC
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Normally, CMC is difficult to dissolve during the production procession of liquid detergent , viscosity stability is poor, layered and have other defects. Through research and process 
optimization, AO SHENG produce instant and efficient cmc, this product has high substitution , uniformity and high resistance to salt, rapid dispersed and dissolved in water at normal 
temperature. Good viscosity stability and make solution more transparency .And no gel at 0 degrees, no gel in winter ,no layer, so make the shampoo, laundry detergent have better stability and transparency,.
Put the product in the raw material, under the normal conditions, stir at normal state within two minutes can dispersed and dissolved, after rapid dispersion in water, viscosity release. 
within 15 minutes. Solution’s performance is good. And the product will not have muddy, stratification, during the six months of storage. 
CMC is environmental-friendly, made of natural materials, non-toxic and tasteless, and is widely used in building materials, paint, pharmaceutical, daily chemical industry.
Instant CMC is used in liquid detergent:
1. The recommended dosage of CMC is 0.5-1%, adjust the amount according to viscosity.
Increase the decontamination ability of laundry detergent, maintain the fabric as beautiful as new, improve the performance of laundry detergent.
3. Add instant CMC , you can reduce the volume of some expensive raw materials, at the same time make the laundry detergent to achieve a better look and feel.
4. Shorten the dissolution time, thus increased the production.

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