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New food grade CMC Standards
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New food grade Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose’s national standards- GB1886.232-2016, will instead of old standards GB1904- 2005, and implement at January 1, 2017. New standards will be integrated with the international standards.


Compared with GB1904 - 2005, the main changes are as follows:

1.     Content of sodium, Sodium Chloride, Na- glycolate were increased.

2.     Items of Loss on drying, Viscosity, CL, Pb were modified.

3.     Items of heavy metals, Fe were Removed.


Comparison of New and Old National Standards



NEW GB1886.232- 2016

OLD GB1904- 2005

Purity(dry basis)%


No requirement

Sodium Chloride(%)


≤1.2(As CL%)

Na- glycolate(%)


No requirement

Loss on drying(%)



Viscosity (mPa.s)

≥5 mPa.s, 2% solution,(If ≥2000 mPa.s, 1% solution)

≥25 mPa.s, 2% solution, (If ≥2000 mPa.s, 1% solution)

Pb, ppm



Heavy metals, ppm

No requirement



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